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Yeah, and it was so funny. I would sit there like a total idiot, just laughing my ass off at the lunch table. Guys like Ken Marino, Adam [Scott], Ryan, Jane [Lynch], they’re just bantering back and forth, and I couldn’t believe how quick they were. It was unbelievable. And I’m sitting there thinking, “Am I crazy for wanting to record this? Because this stuff is great!” By Jason Dohring (On being in an episode of Party Down)

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Seriously considering reading Outlander because I need a new series to fall in love with. Worth the money to buy the books?

candlelightisfire YES! This is my favourite book series (with The Bronze Horseman trilogy). They are so, so good. I have like 6 different versions of the first book. It’s really, really worth it. I picked up the first one at a used book store about 10 years ago and I wasn’t sure. But then I started reading it, the first 50 pages of the first book are slow and then it really picks up and sucked me in.  

I read the first 4 books in 3 weeks. I literally did nothing but read. I read in the car, while I was eating, in the bath and at work all day (it was winter and was really slow then). 

I made everyone I know read them lol. My sister and her hubby have both read all the books because of me and they loved them. I always keep an extra copy of Outlander to give out to friends (because I hate lending books, yes I’m a bookworm ;)).